Daily Laugh: If I die before you, would you remarry?

A couple who have been married for 20 years is preparing for bed when the following conversation takes place...

She: "Honey, if I die before you, would you remarry?"

He: "That's a morbid question!"

She: "No, I really want to know."

He (pauses to think): "Yes, I suppose after a decent amount of time I might remarry."

She: "Would she live in our house?"

He: "Well, the mortgage is almost paid off - would you really expect me to move?"

She: "Would she wear my mink coat?"

He: "You know I paid $3,500 for that coat - would you really want me to sell it for a loss?"

She: "Well, would she drive my BMW?"

He: "No. Absolutely not. She doesn't know how to drive"

/That's Comedy/

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