Iran works to speed up release of imported medical goods from customs

By Trend

Iran should facilitate early customs release of medical products, sanitary items and basic goods that have short expiration dates, said the head of the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI), Nayereh Pirouzbakht, Trend reports via IRNA.

"The Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran has reduced the duration of releasing imported medical goods and necessary items from a few days to a few hours in the past years but lack of cooperation had caused certain problems," said Pirouzbakht.

"There should be special cooperation between health care organizations, agricultural ministry and the customs to reduce the duration of releasing necessary imported goods," she added.

Speeding up the release of necessary medical goods from the customs would help Iran to tackle the spreading COVID-19 infection in the country.

Iran is one of the countries heavily affected by the rapidly-spreading coronavirus. According to recent reports from the Iranian officials, over 24,800 people have been infected, 1,934 people have already died. Meanwhile, over 8,900 have reportedly recovered from the disease.

The country continues to apply strict measures to contain the further spread. Reportedly, the disease was brought to Iran by a businessman from Iran's Qom city, who went on a business trip to China, despite official warnings. The man died later from the disease.

The Islamic Republic only announced its first infections and deaths from the coronavirus on Feb. 19.

The World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11 declared COVID-19 a pandemic.

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