Uzbekistan occupies second place as per remittances from Kazakhstan

By  Trend

Uzbekistan has become the second country which received largest amount of money transfers per country from Kazakhstan.

Roughly 31.3 billion tenge (more than $91 million) were sent to Uzbekistan for the period from January to May 2018, and only 7.5 billion tenge ($21.8 million) were received back, reported citing Kazakhstan’s economy monitoring project

Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan are among the most active countries which both sent and receivedmoney transfers.

The most part of transfers in the amount of 89.4 billion tenge was made to Russia, and 50.6 billion tenge was received from this country.

Turkey occupied the third place with a transfer of 24.4 billion tenge, which is less by 9 times - 2.7 billion tenge.

In addition, China with 15.9 billion tenge, Ukraine with 5.4 billion tenge, Azerbaijan with 4.5 billion tenge and Georgia with 1.9 billion tenge are among the countries to which most of the money transfers have been sent from Kazakhstan.

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