Europe unlikely to continue long-term co-op with Iran

By  Trend

Europe is unlikely to extend its long-term cooperation with Iran, as tensions between the latter and the US rapidly grow, Rasul Ranjbaran, a member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce of Iran and Germany, told Trend.

"Given the history of European-Iranian relations, I don’t think the Europeans will continue to cooperate with Iran in the long run, eventually doing something desirable for the United States," he said.

Ranjbaran stressed that presently Europe’s cooperation with the United States has become widespread and exceeds the importance of Europe’s trade with Iran.

"This extensive cooperation between Europe and the United States causes doubt regarding development of the European-Iranian relations," Ranjbaran said.

He added that the US occupies one of the leading places in Germany’s foreign trade turnover, emphasizing the presence of a big number of US companies in the country.

Trade turnover between Iran and Germany reached $3 billion in 2017, $2.7 billion of which accounted for German exports to Iran, and about $300 million for Iranian exports to Germany, Ranjbaran said.

However, supplies of Iranian raw materials and spare parts remain essential for the European market, Ranjbaran added.

"They most probably will not be bothered in case of imposition of new sanctions against Iran, at least for the short term."

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